Giving Back

Mardell has a long history of advocacy and giving back to her community. It’s a principal that her Grandfather Presler taught his children and grandchildren, “to be ever mindful of the needs of others”. Her current roles:

Pro Bono Attorney with MACV (Minnesota Assistance Council for Veterans), since 2018.

Rosie the Lawyer, Minneapolis, Founder, since 2017

Rosie the Lawyer’s intent is to expose high school girls who are involved in college and career planning to female attorneys and judges, and the legal field in unique areas of law; the roles that are high paying and tend to go to males. My hope, regardless if these girls go to law school or not, that they consider how college provides financial independence, realize the value of mentoring, and that these girls develop a comradery among themselves as they finish high school, transition into college, and eventual work place. It’s a small program but has a large impact!

Hennepin County Bar Foundation, Member of Board of Directors since 2017

Promoting equal access to justice for the people of Hennepin County. Serving as the charitable arm of the Hennepin County Bar Association, the Foundation was established with the express purpose of providing financial assistance to individuals, organizations, and projects related to the law and the legal system.


WATCH, Courtroom Monitor since 2002


Advocate WATCH’s mission, which is to monitor proceedings, hearings, and court personnel in Hennepin County courts to provide unbiased feedback for judges to use to improve the courtroom experience for victims of violence.