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Estate Planning and Elder Law

In Mardell’s role as a financial advisor, she has conducted countless consultations to ensure that when families need a will, trust, estate planning, or business succession planning, that their plans are finalized in writing. Either it be for your individual Health Care Directive, Trust Planning of your estate, or passing along a business to a successor, she is equipped to guide you through the process.


Mardell has over 10 years of court room experience, and she has a grasp on how the Court responds to each party’s needs. In the end, the vast majority of cases end after settlement negotiations. Her experiences have given her solid negotiation skills, discernment into what the real issue is, and how these parties work towards an acceptable settlement.

Securities Law

In Mardell’s role as a financial advisor, she maintained a clean U-4. This was no simple task going against the grain of a culture that placed commissions over suitability. However, in her desire to provide services in the best interest of her client, she was consistently mindful of the regulations. She has a clear vision on how to assist businesses to be more profitable while staying in compliance.

Securities Regulations

In the constantly changing landscape of Securities Regulations, it is vital for a business to stay on top of the regulations. Mardell continues to keep current through her various associations that are not only focused on announcing changes, but also highlight the responsibilities of businesses and their associates. Interpreting these regulations give insights on how to remain profitable while staying in compliance.

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The Law Office of Mardell D. Presler, LLC is a full representation law firm geared towards helping individuals and businesses navigate through Estate Planning as well as the changing landscape of Elder Law.

The firm is heavily focused on Estate Planning and Elder Law, but will work with all prospective clients either directly or by providing a referral to ensure they receive the best legal services available.

It’s our mission to keep people out of the courts!

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If you would like a consultation about your case, feel free to contact us at 763-360-7833. We will return all messages within 24 hours.